Dear Black Missourians: Stand Up and Be Counted . . . on the 2020 Census

by Dr. Algernon Austin, Senior Researcher, Thurgood Marshall Institute

Black Missourians could lose out on their fair share of federal funding and political representation if there continues to be a 2020 Census undercount of their communities. As of late August, Missouri is ranked 25th among the states in terms of the share of its population that has completed the 2020 Census. Only 64.4 percent of Missouri households have completed the Census.

Spend a few minutes and complete the Census right now at or 844–330–2020.

As the table illustrates, many of the Missouri counties where African Americans comprise a larger share of the population than their state-wide percentage have low 2020 Census completion rates. For example, less than half of the households in Pemiscot and Pulaski counties have completed the Census. While the rates in other counties are higher, they are still far away from 100 percent.

September 30 is the deadline for completing the Census.* It is still possible for Missourians to spend a few minutes and complete the Census right now at or 844–330–2020. The more Missourians fill out the Census, the more resources there will be for Missouri communities.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

*The closing date for submission of Census surveys is under court review.

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